O’Reilly Webcast: Deep Learning


Jeremy Howard was the guest on O’Reilly’s 3/5 webcast. The focus was on how deep learning techniques are being applied in Kaggle competitions. The highlighted competition was won by a team with no knowledge of the problem domain and used what seemed to be explained as a deeper than usual neural network approach.  The team was lead by Geoffrey Hinton, who happens to teach Coursera’s Neural Networks for Machine Learning. This class was offered in 2012 but is not yet scheduled to run in 2013. Hmmm.

I found only a description of this talk in O’Reilly’s webcast archive but no link for playback like many of their other webcasts.  They did however send me a URL for playback (http://event.on24.com/r.htm?e=548104&s=1&k=8B49217B3ACEB64A89FEB73559723F13 ). I suspect this link is tied to a cookie in my browser, so may/may-not work for you, or just require registration to watch. The playback spawns another browser tab for Jeremy’s slides so popups need to be enabled.

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